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Horde PvE guild on Emeriss EU
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 Nalarian Combat Rogue

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PostSubject: Nalarian Combat Rogue   Nalarian Combat Rogue Icon_minitimeTue May 05, 2009 2:32 am


Character name: Nalarian
Level: 80
Class: Rogue
Spec: Combat (15/51/5)
Original owner: Yes
Does anyone share my account details:
No, I am the only one that knows my registration information and/or play on this account

Proffessions(level) / First aid:
Enchanting (288) Fist Aid (150)

If you havent maxed your profession, please explain why?
Havent got time and or the gold for it, I dit forgot abouth the First Aid but i'm going to rais the level of it.


Previous guilds:
Graveyard shift

Why did you leave your previous guild?
The guild Graveyard Shift wasnt active (raiding) so I havent got the chance getting geared and I am willing to get better gear.

Do you have any other open applications with other guild?
No I dont have any othe applications for any other guild because I'm want to know if I will get invited for this guild first.

I will always have the latest gems and enchant on my new gear?
If i have the gold or the mats for it.

I will respecc if a RL/GM ask me to:
Yes, I will but I dont think that I need to because my talent tree is pritty good.

Glyphs : Yes i got some Glyphs, tryed to get some good Glyphs for my spec but some can get better I think.
-Major: Glyph of Eviscerate, Glyph of Vigor, Glyph of Sinister strike
-Minor: Glyph of Vanish, Glyph of blurred speed, Glyph of Distract

Usual rotation:

Previous raid experience:
Stealth (pvp of questing), Kidney shot - Sinister Strike 5x - Eviscerate

-Pre TBC: Have done almost all Pre TBC raids and instance on another character but still know, MC, ZG, AQ 20,40
-TBC: (pre-nerf) AND/IF (after-nerf) Dint RBC raid on this char but have done, TK (The eye), BT, Gruul, Kara, Magtheridon
-WotlK: Voa (25), EoE (25 dint clear it), OS 10 + 25 (1 drake up was max in 25)

Note: Pre TBC experience is what you actually did on lvl60, not if you cleared it later for achievements,on lvl 70. And same with the TBC experience, specify if it is pre-nerf or after-nerf (patch 3.0).

Why should Core Simplicity take u as member?
I am a active and friendly member that like's to raid.
I can listen if I need to for tactics or wath ever.
When it came's on fun you can count on me but when I also came's on seriously work I will be serious.
You can count on me when I apply for a raid ! ! !

What do you expect Core Simplicity?
That it will be a active and friendly PvE Raiding guild that can help me getting geared from Heroic Instance to (Heroic) raiding.

Do you have a desire to be the best [your class]? How do you plan to achieve being the best?
Yes I will like to be the best Rogue in PvE, I will go for much raids and will be very active to get geared and listen so i always will know wath to do.
(willing to stay up for 24 Hours if I need to for the guild)

Can you follow instructions:
Yes i can follow instructions and will remeber them (english is good but it isnt perfect)

I can raid between 19.00-23.00 on a raid day:
Yes, I can raid from 19.00 till 23.00 or later if it needs to.

If we feel that we are very close in downing a new boss, we might extend the raid
That is fine by me a always like to play some longer for the guild.

Do you have anything to add to your application that you would like us to know?
If you need a Active and Friendly raider you can count on me I will not let you donw


Age: I am 18
Nationality: AustraliƤn (living in The Netherlands)
Occupation: IT / Game Designer
What do you do for a living? Is your work/whatever going screw your raiding times over?
I'm an game designer in progress (still learning), but I'm still at school and working afther school and I do some Sport (American football) but it doenst screw the raiding time and it all fits in the scheme.

About me:
I Am Brandon (real name) I am 18 year old, I live in The Netherlands and still going to school because I want to be a Game Designer, I'm Single have no kids.
I am a relaxed Person and I love to make some fun but I can be serious when it come's to it.
I play WoW for along time now I guess it was from when it first started (this is my main on this server) my main was a warrior with full Pre-TBC gear sets, I made this Rogue on this server because I was getting bored and some friends where playing on this server.
I like to Tank and heal but I dont have the motivation to Level a new warrior, Druid, Palladin, DK to tank or Priest, Palladin, Shamman, Druid to get a healer but I'm willing to try if I need to.

Name of a player in Core Simplicity that can vouch for you?
If you have had contact with a player in Core Simplicity and he says he would vouch for you in a application you are thinking about, post his name here.

NOTE: before you write a player that can vouch for you, make sure he will.

Computer spec:
I got 2 Laptops they are both good for wow and wow is instalated on both.
Main Laptop where i'm playing on have 2GB Ram, 512MB Graphic Memory

Connection: 16MB Internet Wire Connection

My online time in general:
general from 15:45 till 13:00 But that depends on when my school is finished earlies time that I'm out of school is 13:15 (15 till 30 minutes driving time to home)

I agree to raid 3 to 5 times a week in average: Yes
If you can meet the 4 raids per week for the 3-4 week trial, Welcome (and come wasting our time lol! joking)

Do you use keybinds?If yes give us some examples.
got almost everything in finger range hits: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,-,=
If the others I klick or will be shift+ key

This is the most important question you have to answer
I have fully understood that Core Simplicity is a raiding guild, whom raid very much - and expect the applicants to raid with us for progress. I will only post this application if I know that i can keep up for a long time, and i will ALWAYS choose PvE over PvP.

Yes, I understand!
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PostSubject: Armory   Nalarian Combat Rogue Icon_minitimeTue May 05, 2009 2:39 am
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PostSubject: Re: Nalarian Combat Rogue   Nalarian Combat Rogue Icon_minitimeWed May 06, 2009 5:07 pm

Hmm just checking your armory i can say that your gear is kinda poor - we're a guild focusing on ulduar and we dont actually do planned guild runs on older raids. In your shoes i'd try to improve my gear first and then apply :-)
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PostSubject: Re: Nalarian Combat Rogue   Nalarian Combat Rogue Icon_minitimeWed May 06, 2009 5:25 pm

oke wel some one told me that my gear wount be a problem for this guild and dint told me that you where going Ulduar but i'll check another guild then Crying or Very sad
and its kinda hard to get gear without any raiding guild and the guilds that i have tried where kinda poor Neutral whiping all the time or not avtice at all.

but thanks and good luck finding people and also good luck in Ulduar Exclamation Exclamation
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PostSubject: Re: Nalarian Combat Rogue   Nalarian Combat Rogue Icon_minitimeThu May 07, 2009 12:21 am

well i got quite a lot of my gear from pugs Razz
u can pug everything atm, so go go
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PostSubject: Re: Nalarian Combat Rogue   Nalarian Combat Rogue Icon_minitimeThu May 07, 2009 5:38 pm

Doing my best but aint working very well No and 9 out of 10 the pugs quite afther a few whipes or if it take's to long people going to leave so naxx isnt going to work Suspect
but I try to do them every time like Voa 10 / 25 for gear (old boss first) OS 10 / 25 (1 drake up) havent cleared EoE cus groups suck at it. Crying or Very sad
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PostSubject: Re: Nalarian Combat Rogue   Nalarian Combat Rogue Icon_minitime

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Nalarian Combat Rogue
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