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Horde PvE guild on Emeriss EU
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 Pancakez - mage inside and outside

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Pancakez - mage inside and outside Empty
PostSubject: Pancakez - mage inside and outside   Pancakez - mage inside and outside Icon_minitimeThu Apr 02, 2009 7:10 pm


Character name: Pancakez
Level: 80
Class: mage
Spec: Fire for pve( for 10% crit for the whole raid. )
I also know how to play arcane/frost pve
Original owner: Yes
Does anyone share my account details: My irl mates know my name:x

Proffessions(level) / First aid:
Engineering: 441
Enchanting: 102 (lvling it atm)
First aid: 450

If you havent maxed your profession, please explain why.
focusing on maxing enchanting now. Just started.
engineering isnt maxed out since Im lvling my alt with mining so I dont need to waste my time buying things on ah ( i dont get any huge benifits at higher lvl though)


Previous guilds:
with extra sugar

Why did you leave your previous guild?
Got kicked out of RagingAlcoholics cause of something I didnt do, and prolly me trying to point out some mistakes that the guild did.

Do you have any other open applications with other guild?
No I dont.

I will always have the latest gems and enchant on my new gear
OFC, no socket on belt since I havent found any crafter yet:x

I will respecc if a RL/GM ask me to:
Glyphs :
-Major: fireball, scorch, and evocation ( used to healers that prefer healing others so I manage to stay alive, can be changed easly)
-Minor: safe fall, fire ward and frost ward ( procs on bosses like Sapphiron)

Usual rotation:
Living bomb, scorch until 5 stacks as a start.
In fight: fireball spamming, keeping living bomb up, pyro at hot streak, when there's 7-8 seconds left of scorch debuff, i refresh it.
Previous raid experience:
-Pre TBC:
up to 1/6 swp
-TBC: (pre-nerf) AND/IF (after-nerf)
Everything except naxx (pre nerf), dont have the bwl, onyxia and aq20 archievs)
Everything in-game now (never downed os+3d but im dedicated for it)

Note: Pre TBC experience is what you actually did on lvl60, not if you cleared it later for achievements,on lvl 70. And same with the TBC experience, specify if it is pre-nerf or after-nerf (patch 3.0).

Why should Core Simplicity take u as member?'
because im a dedicated player who provides everything thats needed for a raid. Food, flask, im posetive, open for new tacts, accept wipes (not if its the same wipe over and over again), know my theory craft (aswell as for some other classes), a social player who can come up with a funny joke when we're not raiding:) I even bring Potion of speed:)

What do you expect Core Simplicity?
Takind desitions, not accepting slacking (some ppl may have a bad day but that shouldt affed much) and thats pretty much it. Well, also being open for new ideas.

Do you have a desire to be the best [your class]? How do you plan to achieve being the best?
Yeah, acctually I do.

Can you follow instructions:
I can raid between 19.00-23.00 on a raid day:
If we feel that we are very close in downing a new boss, we might extend the raid
Fits perfect.

Do you have anything to add to your application that you would like us to know?
Im a guy that loves humour, having a funny time while doing my best.


Age: 17
Nationality: Im from norway.
What do you do for a living? Is your work/whatever going screw your raiding times over?
Student, becoming a computer engineer in some years. Im at a special school. No homework at my school so that wont affect my raiding times. I have training and theater practise on 2 days. Only 2 hours.
About me:
Not just "hai i bursuc, i be 3 yers" The better you describe yourself the bigger chance of joining.
Training Kickboxing + Khali. In a theater.
Name of a player in Core Simplicity that can vouch for you?
Heard that its going to be rebuilt, so not as i know im afraid. IMO a test raid says more that everything else.
If you have had contact with a player in Core Simplicity and he says he would vouch for you in a application you are thinking about, post his name here.
afraid I dont have any name im afraid.
NOTE: before you write a player that can vouch for you, make sure he will.

Computer spec:


Memory: 4GB

Screencard: asus Geforce 8800GT


Connection: (best internett service in our country)

My online time in general:
17.30-23.00 all days except monday and wednesdays, they are abit flexy.
FRidays, saturdays and sundays even more :b

I agree to raid 3 to 5 times a week in average: Yes
If you cannot meet the 4 raids per week for the 3-4 week trial, bye bye. Stop wasting our time please!
Im able to be there all days a week except monday and some wednesdays (when I cant at a wednesday, Im just 1 hour after the raid start, still)

Do you use keybinds?If yes give us some examples.
I keybind all the spells i got (hearthstone, buffs everything) Know all of the by hearth.
normal: 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 ,q ,e ,r ,t ,f ,g ,z ,x ,c ,v ,b, tab, caps lock ,| ,mouse button 1 and mouse button 2
shift+: 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 ,q ,e ,r ,t ,f ,g ,z ,x ,c ,v ,b, tab, caps lock and |
ctrl+: 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 ,q ,e ,r ,t ,f ,g ,z ,x ,c ,v ,b, tab, caps lock |
also use: 7, 8, 9, 0, +, \, for some buffs etc.Hide wow from ppl that's not supposed to see it: alt+f4 Smile
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Pancakez - mage inside and outside Empty
PostSubject: guild: with extra sugar   Pancakez - mage inside and outside Icon_minitimeThu Apr 02, 2009 7:15 pm

note: If you didnt know, the guild "with extra sugar" is just a guild i made for run with just a couple of members.

enjoy reading :b
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Pancakez - mage inside and outside Empty
PostSubject: re   Pancakez - mage inside and outside Icon_minitimeThu Apr 02, 2009 7:51 pm

gl with your application. i will ask atb to handle both these 2 mages application.
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Class Leader

Pancakez - mage inside and outside Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pancakez - mage inside and outside   Pancakez - mage inside and outside Icon_minitimeFri Apr 03, 2009 2:39 pm

Accepted as trial, whisper me or lloonny or psychoze for invite
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Pancakez - mage inside and outside Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pancakez - mage inside and outside   Pancakez - mage inside and outside Icon_minitime

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Pancakez - mage inside and outside
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