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Horde PvE guild on Emeriss EU
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PostSubject: Recruitment status   Recruitment status Icon_minitimeThu Nov 06, 2008 12:45 am

Core Simplicity is looking to recruit you for Wotlk and beyond!
Currently Recruiting (must be lvl 80)

Warriors - 1 fury 1 protection open
Priests - 1 holy spot open.
Hunters - (closed)
Warlocks - (closed)
Mages - (closed)
Druids -2 resto spots open
Paladins (closed)
Rogues - 1 spot open
DK - (closed)
Shamans - 1 resto spot open

*Note:However if u don't see your class recruitment open,and you feel like you are a quality player and ur passionate about raiding,don't hesitate to apply.

You must be well geared to be considered for recruitment. This means some T7-T8 pieces and several Naxx/OS/Malygos/Ulduar epics. We are ideally looking for players who are not happy with their current guild due to lack of quality members.

What Do we require from you?

- Able to attend at least 3, preferably 4 raids a week when we progress in new instances.
- Willingness to accept constructive criticism during & after raids.
- The ability to follow the instructions of your raid leader/officers.
- A drive to fulfill the role of your class to the very best of your ability.
- To come prepared, having read tactics, with flasks/oils/pots/food/regents etc etc

We want people who have massive raiding experience, we don't want people who expect to be carried through a raid instance picking up easy loot, you are there to earn your loot and do your best.

If you prove yourself better than any existing members of your class then you will take their spot. We always want the best players when progressing.
*Trial period is 3weeks,when accepted into the guild as member your dkp will be halved.
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Recruitment status
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