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 Chewme - Priest Application

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PostSubject: Chewme - Priest Application   Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:04 pm

Character name: Chewme
Level: 80
Class: Priest
Spec: Shadow
Original owner: Yes i am
Does anyone share my account details: No

Proffessions(level) / First aid: Tailoring 376/ JC 1 (lol)

If you havent maxed your profession, please explain why.
Since i just dinged 80 i havent got that much time for lvling my proffesions.

WoWArmory link(ALWAYS LOG OUT IN YOUR PVE GEAR): ( Was playing as a healer before, so thats why i got that damn trinket i regret so much i bought ).

Previous guilds: Pepes Bodega ( Realm: Stormrage ) Now Nephilim.

Why did you leave your previous guild? Because i wanted to play horde and get back to my old favorite class which is priest.

Do you have any other open applications with other guild? No i havent.

I will always have the latest gems and enchant on my new gear. Yes as soon as i get money for it.

I will respecc if a RL/GM ask me to: Yes

Glyphs :
-Major: Glyph of shadow, glyph of shadow word pain. Glyph of PW: shield ( dunno why i got it acutally )
-Minor: Glyph of shackel undead, Glyph of levitate.

Usual rotation: VT - MB - DP - MF1 - SW:P - MB - Mf3

Previous raid experience:

-Pre TBC: Full run MC and ZG
-TBC: (pre-nerf) AND/IF (after-nerf) KArazhan full run, ZA full run, 2 first bosses in BT. Gruul full run
-WotlK:Naxx25 and naxx10 full run, sartharion 1 drake up, malygos 25 and 10 man. Voa 10man and 25 man

Note: Pre TBC experience is what you actually did on lvl60, not if you cleared it later for achievements,on lvl 70. And same with the TBC experience, specify if it is pre-nerf or after-nerf (patch 3.0).

Why should Core Simplicity take u as member?
Because iam a funny guy to play with i can add much help, and much social talk in g-chat. I will perform very good att all raids.

What do you expect Core Simplicity?
I expect a progressing guild with much funny and friendly members. Even if we Whipe. Very Happy

Do you have a desire to be the best [your class]? How do you plan to achieve being the best?
of course I want to be the best but it will not lead to competition within the team. Being the best does not mean that i got the best gear, being the best for me is when you can help out guildmates and you will perform good at raids and do as you are told. I will achive this by being active at the raids. Checking out new updates about speccs. etc.

Can you follow instructions: yes i can.
I can raid between 19.00-23.00 on a raid day: Yes i can.
If we feel that we are very close in downing a new boss, we might extend the raid: I would love to stay on longer than planned.

Do you have anything to add to your application that you would like us to know?

Yes i know my Gear doesnt looks that good. But if you look on my played time on 80 you will see that i have recieved my gear very quick since i dinged 80. I hope you dont judge me after my gear but off my skills instead.


Age: 17 ( 1991 ) 18 in may.
Nationality: Sweden
Occupation: Halmstad
What do you do for a living? Is your work/whatever going screw your raiding times over?
Iam training Muay thai with some friends. otherwise iam sitting infront of the computer. The raiding wont be screwed since you aint raiding at that time.

About me:
Hi my name is Anton iam 17 years old, i've been playing wow since it came out. I started out playing as a warrior. I made Full runs in MC with my first guild. When BC came out i decided to play as a priest because i wanted to try out healing, but when i went lvl 70 they didnt want me as healer but shadow. So i played as a shadow priest and really enjoyed it. When WOTLK came out i wanted to try out the new class "DK". so i made one and got lvl 80 i raided naxx, Voa, OS, EoE. It was fun but i really missed playing as a priest so here i am again. playing as a shadowpriest applying to you. And like i said i just dinged 80 but i know how to play and i know all the instances so far. I really hope u dont judge me after my gear but after my skills.

// Anton

Computer spec:

Connection: Very good.

My online time in general: 4-7 hours/day

I agree to raid 3 to 5 times a week in average: Yes

Do you use keybinds?If yes give us some examples.

Shift + 1, Shift + 2, Shift + 3. ( I hope i understood the question correct )
Crying or Very sad
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PostSubject: Chewme - Priest Application   Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:06 pm

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PostSubject: re   Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:25 pm

id like to know why are you missing so many enchants. like weapon shoulders head chest pants. etc. when can i expect to see those items enchanted ?
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PostSubject: Re: Chewme - Priest Application   Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:37 pm

hmm i don't really know with what to start... i'll make it rly short... from what u have wrote there i don't think u spent more than 5 mins on the apply which personally irritates me Suspect , some of the answers u wrote at the questions are not very on the subject they are more general answers "Yes i can." which is not convincing me... maybe it will the other officers or GM but not to me... in 2 words "slacky application"...and my guessing is that u don't really care if you join core or not and regarding your gear.... but hey this is my opinion... officers and GM's have the last word... gl further
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PostSubject: Answer   Tue Mar 31, 2009 12:15 pm

I have not had time to get enchants yet. It requires some money to afford everything, but I am working on it. i've started to reputations with some factions iam working on Sons of hodir atm to ge the shoulder enchant.
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PostSubject: chewmee   Tue Mar 31, 2009 12:25 pm

Iam sorry to bother you. But i dont think i am going to fit in this guild.

I wish you all of my luck! anyway. flower
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PostSubject: re   Tue Mar 31, 2009 6:43 pm

application declined. gl finding a new guild.
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PostSubject: Re: Chewme - Priest Application   

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Chewme - Priest Application
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