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 Minios - Resto Shaman Application

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Minios (

PostSubject: Minios - Resto Shaman Application   Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:34 pm


Character name: Minios
Level: 80
Class: Shaman
Spec: Restoration, 0/16/55
Original owner: Indeed i am.
Does anyone share my account details: No, noone does.

Proffessions(level) / First aid: Mining skinning 450/450 First aid 450.

If you havent maxed your profession, please explain why.


Previous guilds:
Brothers in sin and The last resort in BC - Evolved which i was leading in WotlK.
Why did you leave your previous guild?
Coudlnt be harsed leading a group of people who showed disrespect and did not listen to my instructions.
Do you have any other open applications with other guild?
I will always have the latest gems and enchant on my new gear
Yes i will, my be.imba.hu link can proove that.
I will respecc if a RL/GM ask me to:
Yes i will
Glyphs :
-Major: Earthliving weapon, Chain heal and Water mastery
-Minor:Renewed life ( no ankh needed to ankh ) Astrall recall and Water shield

Usual rotation: Trying to keep riptide up on two targets, mostly common melee since they are most likley to stand clumped up in chain heal jump radius of eachother. Then i will also use some LHW and/or HW if tank do require healing. Varies alot from fight to fight. On malygos i use 80% Chain heal and for example Patchwerk ill use 90% HW+LWH

Previous raid experience:

-Pre TBC: Nothing special - one Ragnaros kill. I mostly pvp'd pre BC
-TBC: (pre-nerf) AND/IF (after-nerf) PRE-PRE nerf ( befor prequests was removed) I progressed trough Karazhan Gruul, to get acces to SSC. Then magtheridon to get acced to TK which i also cleared. After that we did 4/5 on hyjal befor we decided to progress trough BC - were i was just abcent on Naj'entus and Teron gorefiend because i had not time to play much wow at this stage of my life.
-WotlK: Everything except Sartharion+drakes. Have done several close attempts on Sarth10+3.

Note: Pre TBC experience is what you actually did on lvl60, not if you cleared it later for achievements,on lvl 70. And same with the TBC experience, specify if it is pre-nerf or after-nerf (patch 3.0).

Why should Core Simplicity take u as member?
Because i am a dedicated player that shows alot of respect towards raiding and other players.
What do you expect Core Simplicity?
A guild were i can play with players on a equal level. I do not like to be in charge - just told what to do and do it right.
Do you have a desire to be the best [your class]? How do you plan to achieve being the best?
Yes i do, i use bindings for maxed out reaction speed(see later - on keybindings in app ) and am very active on theroycrafting forums about my class ( ) for example.

Can you follow instructions: Yes i can.
I can raid between 19.00-23.00 on a raid day: Yes i can. Only days i have trobles with these times are wednesdays, fridays and saturdays.
If we feel that we are very close in downing a new boss, we might extend the raid

Do you have anything to add to your application that you would like us to know?
I have played on this very same shaman since the release of wow. Also obviously my name was taken, so im writing a (2) after "Minios" Dont know if someone has applied in my name or if it was an X-realm application.

Age: Born 1991 -> 17
Nationality: Swedish
Occupation: School
What do you do for a living? Is your work/whatever going screw your raiding times over?
No, no chance.
About me: My name is Erik, im a ordinary 17 year old man from south sweden. My interests in life is friends, thai boxing and world of warcraft. I play wow to have something to do during the lame weekdays after school, also i am a very competetive person who does not like to not be the best, for example player of my class in a guild.
Not just "hai i bursuc, i be 3 yers" The better you describe yourself the bigger chance of joining.

Name of a player in Core Simplicity that can vouch for you? I can not - Kinda new on emeriss.
If you have had contact with a player in Core Simplicity and he says he would vouch for you in a application you are thinking about, post his name here.

NOTE: before you write a player that can vouch for you, make sure he will.

Computer spec:
2mbit ram, Athlon dualcore 4400 2.19 ghz.

Swedish telia 8bit. To be honest my router can be abit lousy from time to time.
My online time in general:
17.00-23.00 Monday Tuesday thursday Sunday.
I agree to raid 3 to 5 times a week in average: Yes
If you cannot meet the 4 raids per week for the 3-4 week trial, bye bye. Stop wasting our time please!

Do you use keybinds?If yes give us some examples.
Yes i do, i have everything binded to my mouse for (imo) maxed reaction. I use grid+clique to do this.
Mousebutton 1,2: Healing wave/Lesser healing wave
Shift + Mousebutton 1,2: Chainheal, Riptide
Ctrl + Mousebutton 1,2: Cleanse Spirit, Ancesteral Awakining ( Aka Ressurection)
Mousebutton 4,5: Earthshield, Instanheal macro.

This is the most important question you have to answer
I have fully understood that Core Simplicity is a raiding guild, whom raid very much - and expect the applicants to raid with us for progress. I will only post this application if I know that i can keep up for a long time, and i will ALWAYS choose PvE over PvP.

Yes, I understand!
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Minios (

PostSubject: armory links   Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:41 pm

Here is my armory and be.imba links, dont know if i accidently hit Ctrl+X instead of V when pasting.
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Minios (

PostSubject: Not working   Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:42 pm

I dont know why but seems like posting links does not work.

Trying to (DOT) every .


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PostSubject: Re: Minios - Resto Shaman Application   Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:14 pm

uhm u haven't mentioned in ur apply about ur actual guild..."nephilim"....
anyways here is the armory http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Emeriss&n=Minios
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PostSubject: re   Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:27 pm

good application , good gear, good enchants , good raid experience. you`ll have an answer soon.
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Minios (

PostSubject: Re: Minios - Resto Shaman Application   Tue Mar 31, 2009 1:24 pm

Oh no sorry i have not, well i joined them on false promises, they are slow and dont even seem to bother to recruit more members to get starting with 25 man instances. Also i must correct one thing with my raiding expierience in naxx, i mean that i was abcent on all kills except naj'entus and Teron gorefiend.
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PostSubject: Re: Minios - Resto Shaman Application   Tue Mar 31, 2009 1:26 pm

Now my accunt is activated, so i wont have to textwall you with replies, however i ofcourse ment BT and not Naxx in my most recent post. Also things i should mention is that played on Bloodfeather whole BC. Also i notcied my first aid isnt really 450 even tho i made that statement, its more like 433. I have not felt like i have had to use bandages, ecpecially not since i am a healer myself and bangages is designed for pvp and to help out healers in hard raid nuking bosses.
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PostSubject: re   Tue Mar 31, 2009 2:41 pm

application accepted. whisper lloonny miron atb or psyhoze for a guild invite
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PostSubject: Re: Minios - Resto Shaman Application   

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Minios - Resto Shaman Application
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